Road Miles by State

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This blog post was updated on March 25, 2019. I find myself googling for this data once a month or so. I just can’t seem to remember where to find it on the Federal Highway Administration’s website. Below are states by total 2017 lane miles–which is the most recent dataset available today and is dated August 2018.

Road Miles by State: Sorted from Most to Least

Texas 679,917
California 394,383
Illinois 306,614
Kansas 289,948
Minnesota 286,708
Missouri 276,619
Florida 274,149
Georgia 272,017
Ohio 262,377
Michigan 256,207
Pennsylvania 251,271
New York 239,763
Wisconsin 239,027
Iowa 235,048
Oklahoma 234,729
North Carolina 227,544
Alabama 211,339
Arkansas 210,532
Tennessee 203,474
Indiana 202,417
Nebraska 193,712
Colorado 184,913
North Dakota 177,882
South Dakota 167,838
Washington 167,112
Kentucky 167,092
Virginia 163,648
South Carolina 162,694
Oregon 162,575
Mississippi 161,909
New Mexico 161,015
Montana 150,257
Arizona 144,959
Louisiana 130,020
Idaho 107,376
Utah 103,208
Nevada 101,666
New Jersey 85,000
West Virginia 80,114
Massachusetts 77,557
Maryland 70,792
Wyoming 63,319
Maine 46,851
Connecticut 45,855
New Hampshire 33,328
Alaska 31,597
Vermont 29,276
Delaware 13,954
Rhode Island 12,741
Hawaii 9,781
District of Columbia 3,454
U.S. Total 8,765,578
Source: U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration. Office of Highway Policy Information. Highway Statistics Series. Functional System Lane-Length – 2017. Released August 23, 2018. You can download an Excel or PDF version of this data here.

Pie Graph Showing 2017 Lane Miles by State
And just for fun, here’s a pie graph of this table.

Helpful Links with Road Miles by State data
If you need historic data like lane miles for 1980 to 2007, check out Functional System Data; Estimated Lane – Length page. If you need Function System data for 2008 (i.e. interstates, freeways, arterial, collectors and local), check out FHWA’s Functional System Lane-Length – 2008 Lane-Miles page.

And below are links to FHWA’s Functional System Lane-Length by year. You can download PDF and Excel versions of the data on these pages.

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