Population Growth by State 2020

On Monday, April 26, 2021, the Census Bureau released the Census 2020 population by state data, also known as apportionment data. These counts are used to divide up the seats in the U.S. House of Representatives among the 50 states. We can use this first Census 2020 data release to calculate population growth by state […]

2020 Census Data Release Update

Photo by Enayet Raheem on Unsplash. Post updated February 2022. When can you get your hands on 2020 Census data? It’s complicated. Here’s a table with important dates. Date Data Type Description February 2021 Geography data The boundaries (think outlines) April 30, 2021 Apportionment count Population by state Aug 16 &Sep 30 2021 Redistricting count […]

10 of the Best US Crime Data Resources

“Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” ― Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

Not only are crime data about an unhappy topic, I also feel like each source of crime data that we pull for clients has a major drawback or “is unhappy in its own way.” While crime data is a bit outside of my area of expertise (which is demographics & business data), I do occasionally pull crime statistics for clients. Below is an overview of who uses crime data and why as well as 10 resources along with each source’s unhappy limitation.