The US Census Bureau released the updated 2022 American Community Survey demographics for all geographies earlier this month. And we’ve been scurrying around like Santa’s elves to bring you the latest data and geographies as well as new features.

New 2022 Demographics & Geographies

The most remarkable change was a complete reconfiguration of Connecticut counties. As you can see in the maps below, the 2022 Connecticut counties don’t play nice (aka aren’t contiguous with) the 2021 counties — which is going to make historical comparisons tricky.

Map of 2022 Connecticut Counties


2021 Connecticut Counties


Radius Report Updates

You now get 4 new types of data included in your Radius Reports for no additional fee.

  • 1. Median Home Value Estimates and 2. High Home Value Categories

Back in 2010 – which was around when we first started offering radius reports – about 10% of US homes had value estimates of over $500,000 cite. According to the latest 2022 data, over 26% of US homes now have value estimates of over $500,000 cite.

Now your radius reports include more detailed categories describing these high-value homes. The new fields are highlighted below in an example report for New York City.

  • 3. Population Density in people per square miles
  • 4. The count and percentage of Families in Poverty

Income By Zip Code Lists and Demographics By Lists Updates

Income By Zip Code lists and Demographics By Zips/Cities/Counties have been polished up with the following improvements.

  • Improved human-readable headers to help you scan the data and understand it
  • Improved database-friendly headers so you can upload the file to ChatGPT, and it natively understands what’s in each column
  • Moved GEOIDs to the end to get them out of your way

Income By Zip Code Maps

New Feature! You can now export data for selected zips from the Income By Zip Code map interface. Here’s how.

Got questions about 2022 Census data or the new features above? Have ideas for additional features that save you time? Send me a message, and we’ll be geeking out about data in no time.