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Update to the Cubit App

Why Redesign The App? Several problems were coming up repeatedly in customer emails and user tests (where we observe a person using the app). We knew that some tables were too wide for the page. We learned that people wanted larger maps. We discovered later that some folks had a hard time navigating both the […]

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Updated Income Data (ACS 2007-2011) in the Cubit application

[UPDATE 2: We’ve updated the Others Report! 2012-02-4 by Anthony Morales] [UPDATE: We’ve updated the Housing & Transportation report too! 2012-01-30 by Anthony Morales] We’ve been working on adding the most current American Community Survey data for small geographic areas (think: blocks & block groups) to the Cubit web application. The Census Bureau recently released the American […]

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Cubit Start Up Award

Updated OpenStreetMap Data + Cubit

Updated OpenStreetMap data are now part of Cubit. OpenStreetMap is a free, editable, crowd-sourced map of the whole world. OpenStreetMap data doesn’t have any legal or technical restrictions on its use–which allows folks to use this data any way they want–like including it in Cubit. Improvements to OpenStreetMap Data The major difference we’ve seen so […]

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