Kiss & No One Tells: Benefits of Big City Living


2013 Census data are now available for big cities & counties.

Summary: If you need to update your plans & projects with 2013 demographics, you can get this data now from Cubit.

Benefit of Living in a Big City #1: You can kiss your significant other in public, and no one reports it to your grandma.

An explanation is needed.

I brought my college boyfriend to my small hometown to visit my grandparents. While my boyfriend & I were walking around the neighborhood, I kissed him. PG rated. Disney movie kisses last longer than this kiss. Upon returning from our walk, my grandmother received a call from Hayden, her 8-year old neighbor. Hayden called to report my public display of affection. My grandmother laughingly relayed his report to the rest of my family, rendering me a lovely shade of stop sign red. Thus, one big city benefit is that no one calls your grandma to report your PDA.

But there’s a second benefit.

Benefit of Living in a Big City #2: You can get 2013 US Census demographics for states and counties & cities with populations greater than 65,000. This US Census Bureau American Community Survey dataset has popular demographics such as age, income, educational attainment and households.

If you need 2013 demographics for a state, you can download an updated report for free by selecting  on this page: and then entering your email address.

If you need 2013 demographics for an entire city or a county, you can can get updated Starter Reports for $19 here:

If you’re not entirely sure what you need (and you’re not alone in being overwhelmed by data), give us a call at 1.800.939.2130 or send us an email. We also have a Custom Data Request option that might be a good fit.


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