How to get Census Age Breakdown Data in One Year Increments

I’m a bit embarrassed by this tip.

I recently told a custom data request customer that “the Census Bureau sources that I use don’t provide 1 year incremented age breakdown data.” But while doing some research for another client, I stumbled across a report that provides age breakdown data in one year increments. So let me remove a bit of egg from my face, and we’ll continue.

There aren’t even any fun tricks I can give you to pull this data. Just head over to the Census Bureau’s American Fact Finder 2. Search for “single years” and select your geographic area of interest. And then look for the report named “Single Years of Age and Sex: 2010” from the “2010 SF1 100% Data”.


Here’s what the report looks like:



This is actually pretty cool data. Since this post was a bit short & boring, I’m going to do a deeper dive in the future into the 1 year increment data focusing on people who are 100 years of age or older or centenarians.

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