Census 2010 SF1 Data for All States Now Available on Cubit

Sound the trumpets! The SF1 data for all states is now available on Cubit. We first announced that we were adding SF1 data, state-by-state as they were released by the Census, back in July. It’s been a lot of work processing (and waiting for) the data, but we got it done!

What’s new SF1 data is in reports you ask?

Current Demographic Report (check out the sample)

Total Population and Racial Breakdown Percentages, Sex, Age, Detailed Age Breakdown data (which Age Breakdown data was the #1 most requested data that we add to Cubit ASAP), Total Households, Average Household Size and Household Types.

Current Housing & Transportation Report (check out the sample)

Housing Units, Occupied vs. Vacant Units and detailed Vacancy Rates.

We’re really excited to provide this data to y’all. Any thoughts or questions about this new data? Let me know in the comments.

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