Get Census 2010 Data by County or City Via Cubit


Below are step-by-step instructions for getting Census 2010 (plus lots of other demographic data) for cities and counties.

Example: Get Census 2010 Data for Cook County, IL

I’m going to use a County as an example. If you want data for a City, follow the same 4 steps, substituting the word City for County below.

1. In your Cubit account, give your Project a Name. Don’t have a Cubit account? Get an account for free.
2. Type “Cook County, IL” into the Find Box (circled in Orange below).
3. Click on the Line button (light blue, upper left hand corner of the map) & draw a small line anywhere in Cook County. It doesn’t matter where you draw your line or how big it is–as long as your line is in Cook County.

How to Get Census 2010 Data For Cook County

4. In box 4. What is the Smallest Geography Level box, select County. Then, click Save.

On the next screen, click on the Demographics Report to get Census 2010 data for Cook County.

Census 2010 Map of Cook County

Click on the other reports & maps for fun! Let us know if you have any questions.

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