Selectively Unleashing Your Inner Perfectionist Control Freak

A few days ago, I sent out a tweet that was supposed to say “sexiest job of the decade.” But I misspelled “sexiest” as “sexist.” It was a funny mistake, but I still felt like an idiot.

Yesterday, Anthony (Cubit’s other founder) said: “Starting my own business has cured me of my perfectionism. It can either be perfect, or it can be done.”

And I stumbled upon the following: The Cult of Done Manifesto.

Cult of Done

When I re-read my past blog posts, the perfectionist in me is embarrassed by the grammatical errors and misspellings. The pragmatist in me says “Yeah, but in the past 2 years, you’ve written 130+ blog posts, built multiple data products, ran marketing campaigns, answered 1000s of customer questions, written 1000s of words of copy, shot & edited videos, written & given presentations, built 100+ GBs of optimized databases, etc.” Perfect blog posts & tweets would have kept me from getting these other tasks done.

Inner Perfectionist Control Freak

Inner Perfectionist Control Freak

Inspiration: I’ve decided to selectively unleash my inner perfectionist control freak only when verifying data accuracy. Everything else gets done, even if it means that I’m occasionally “sexist” instead of “sexiest.”

What do you think about the The Cult of Done Manifesto? What’s the 1 task that you’re going to selectively release your inner perfectionist control freak on?

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One Response to Selectively Unleashing Your Inner Perfectionist Control Freak

  1. Jason Lally May 25, 2011 at 2:55 pm #


    Always great words of wisdom. I think I may make a poster out of this and put it in my office. Thanks for sharing. Now let’s get some things done!


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