Census 2010 Results by County, City and State

Let me guess. You need Census 2010 results by County, City and State. You don’t want to wade through the US Census Bureau’s website. You don’t want to login or give your email address. And you’d like some charts as well as data tables.

Free, Fast, and There’s No Login

If the above paragraph describes you, then you should check out Cubit’s latest Project: http://www.cubitplanning.com/census2010 –  It’s free, fast & there’s no login.

We took Census 2010 data for counties, cities & states and formatted it into data tables & charts. Then, we optimized the pages to be Google friendly. Now when you google “Census 2010 data for Los Angeles County”, you’ll actually get a page with Census 2010 data for Los Angeles County. Check out the sample image below.

Census 2010 Data by County for Los Angeles County

Example Census 2010 Data by County page for Los Angeles County

What Census 2010 Data Can I Get?

You can get population, some age, race and housing data (redistricting data). If enough people like this project, we’ll add more data to it when the US Census Bureau releases additional information.

If you like this project or want us to add additional Census 2010 data when it’s available, share this project on Facebook, Twitter or the social site of your choice by using the social sharing buttons at the bottom of the pages with data (see below). Or leave me a comment on this blog post!

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