ToDo List Tips: Using A Secret Weapon to Attack Your ToDo List

ToDo List Tips: Using Fiverr as a Secret Weapon to Attack Your ToDo List

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Everyone I know is busy. The kind of busy where even if you work for 7 days straight with no eating or sleeping, you still couldn’t finish the todo list. The kind of busy where you might as well watch re-runs of “That 70s Show” as opposed to working, because even if you’re amazingly productive, you still wouldn’t put a dint in your todo list. I know the feeling. I’ve found a secret weapon for attacking my todo list called Fiverr.

ToDo List Tips: Using Fiver isn’t Scary

Fiverr is an online community where people complete small tasks for $5. Fiverr isn’t scary, because:

  • There’s no hurdle to get started. Assigning a task takes as long as writing a short email.
  • There are no long term commitments. You could hire someone for only 1 $5 task.
  • Each task only costs $5. So if someone does a bad job, you haven’t lost a lot of money.
  • The nature of $5 tasks force you to break up your priorities into very small completable tasks (i.e. design 1 graphic, prepare 1 chart, etc).

ToDo List Tips: How to Outsource a ToDo Task on Fiverr

The first todo I hired a person on Fiverr to complete was writing a letter of recommendation for an intern. This intern did an awesome job, and I wanted to give them an amazing recommendation. I could have written the recommendation letter myself, but it would have taken me weeks to get to it. And the whole time I would have felt guilty for not promptly writing the letter.

The process of hiring someone on Fiverr was painless. The steps I took were:

  1. Go to
  2. In the search box, type “recommendation letter.” There’s a lot of silly stuff on Fiverr; just ignore it and search for exactly what you need.
  3. Important Tip: Change Filter Results by Auto to Rating, so that highly rated people appear in your search results.
  4. Read the description that the person wrote about their service, and pick a highly rated person.
  5. Click Order Now, and pay $5 (which is held in “escrow” by Fiverr until you release it).
  6. Provide instructions to the person you hired. In my case, I provided the resume and letter of recommendation email request from my intern.

In 24 hours, I got an email from Fiverr saying my letter of recommendation was ready for review. I was happy with results, so I released payment to the letter writer. But if I wasn’t happy with the letter, I could have provided additional feedback to the writer and not released payment.

Using Fiverr, I got a task checked of my todo list–saving me at least 2 hours; my intern got a professionally written letter of recommendation in time to apply for graduate school; and someone else made $5. Happiness all around. I expected to feel slightly guilty about outsourcing a letter of recommendation. I actually felt relieved–relieved that I was able to provide the intern with a quality letter of recommendation in the timeframe that they needed.

ToDo List Tips: Use Fiverr for Prettifying Todos

ToDo List Tips: I used Fiverr to hire an artist to draw an image of a business woman.

An Artist on Fiverr Drew This For Me For $5

Since outsourcing the recommendation letter, I’ve used Fiveer mostly for “prettifying” tasks. For example, I hired an artist to draw a business woman–something I couldn’t do. I hired a designer to layer my photo over a graphic in Photoshop–something I could have done myself but it would have taken me forever. And yesterday, I hired the same designer to create a 1 page handout of Why Planners are on Twitter that I’m going to hand out at the APA’s 2011 conference. Check, check, check. I love the sound of todo tasks being checked off my list.

While these tasks are lightweight, I would not have completed these tasks without help from the folks on Fiverr. These tasks never would have gotten to the top of my priority list, and even if they did, the helpful folks on Fiverr completed the tasks faster than I would have completed the task myself. The next time your todo list starts resembling the flesh-consuming Audrey Jr. from Little Shop of Horrors, consider outsourcing small tasks using Fiverr as your secret productivity weapon.

Let me know what you think about using using Fiverr to get your todos done faster. What tasks on your todo list would be a good fit or a bad fit for Fiverr?

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4 Responses to ToDo List Tips: Using A Secret Weapon to Attack Your ToDo List

  1. Ellis Murawski October 25, 2011 at 7:24 am #

    You can buy or sell any task for Euro 5.  Prices are fixed at five Euros.

  2. Flora Grine November 28, 2011 at 2:48 am #

    You cannot sell a service for more or less than five Euros.

  3. Brooklyn January 8, 2012 at 7:31 pm #

    Okay so I was starting to learning about Fiverr the past couple of weeks. A good friend just showed me this decent do-follow gig: .. I spent 5 bucks to give it a try, got some decent dofollow links

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