Geography Career Paths: Working Outside of Academia

Joy Adams, a Senior Researcher with the Association of American Geographers, interviewed Anthony and I about geography career paths. The AAG is showcasing geography career options that are outside of academia. I recorded the interview and uploaded it to SlideShare. Below is a quick overview of what we talked about in each clip.

Geography Career Paths: Working Outside of Academia

Audio Clip 1: How We Got Started on a Geography Career Path

Coming Soon: This clip isn’t uploaded yet.

  • What’s our background? And it’s not geography!
  • Working in geography without a geography background
  • Have you always been interested in starting your own business? Interesting note: Kristen and Anthony had completely opposite answers here.
  • Did your formal education prepare you for running a business? Answer to the last question: No way Jose. We were educated by Capital Factory and putting a price tag on our product.

Audio Clip 2: Learning to Run a Geography Business

This clip covers:

  • How do you learn how to run a business? It’s amazing the resources that are out there, and how you can start a business without knowing all of the answers.
  • What skills do you use most often? Why Google is our best friend.
  • What are the advantages of running your own business? If you’re ADD, running your own business is a great fit. Running a business creates opportunities.
  • What are the challenges of running your own business? You’re the only one that you can yell at. It takes a huge amount of time. You’ll take a pay cut at first.

Audio Clip 3 More Running Your Own Business Details

This clip talks about:

  • What’s the major misconception about starting a business? Over night successes don’t exist. Starting a business is a rewarding marathon of sprinting.
  • Hiring Employees versus Hiring Contractors
  • Inspiring Things About Our Work: Autonomy, Measurable Results, Control
  • What advice would you give to someone who is considering starting a business?
  • Start on the side. Launch a minimum viable product. Read and ask questions of other people in your space. Don’t do it alone.

When asked for closing thoughts, here’s what we came up with. Now is an amazing time to start a business. Today, start a side project in something that you’re passionate about, even if you only have 20 minutes to write a blog post and even if you’re not 100% sure what your passionate about. You won’t regret investing time into doing the thing that you’re passionate.

Please let me know if you have any questions about starting a business in the comments.

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