Easy Access to US Census 2010 data (when it's out)

Confused about US Census 2010 data?One of the side projects that we've been working on at Cubit is the website US Census 2010 Data.

We've heard over and over again from folks how difficult it is for normal people to find data on Census.gov. While the Census site is an awesome resource and has a ton of information, all of that information can be overwhelming–especially to those who are new to Census data and don't know the difference between the Decennial Census data versus American Community Survey data.

So we built and launched US Census 2010 data to be a simple, easy to find site with basic Census data for people who don't dream about demographics. Eventually, we'd like to add graphs and other visual representations of the data. Any other ideas for this resource?

Also, do you have a blog or a web page? If so, would you please link to the US Census 2010 data site? For this free resource to help people, the web page has to be “google-able,” and your links help us get search engine goodness. Thank you!

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