Updated OpenStreetMap Data + Cubit

Updated OpenStreetMap data are now part of Cubit. OpenStreetMap is a free, editable, crowd-sourced map of the whole world. OpenStreetMap data doesn’t have any legal or technical restrictions on its use–which allows folks to use this data any way they want–like including it in Cubit.

Improvements to OpenStreetMap Data

The major difference we’ve seen so far in playing with the new data is more detailed information in OSM. For example, there are more railroads, roads and parks. Check out the Kansas example below and all of the additional railroads that are now part of the new data.

Kansas City: Old OpenStreetMap Data

Old OpenStreetMap Data - Kansas City

Kansas City: New OpenStreetMap Data

Updated OpenStreetMap Data - Kansas City

Also, in some areas, alleyways have been added to the dataset. At first blush, visualizing alleyways is a great thing to know; however, the OSM data makes the alleyways look like roads–which is a little confusing. But all in all, we’re super excited about having updated OSM data as part of Cubit.

See OpenStreetMap Data in Cubit

First, login to your Cubit account (or sign up for an account–it takes 30 seconds). Then, you’ll draw an area of interest on the Google map interface, and click save. The next screen that appears will have Census geographies overlaid on OpenStreetMap data for your area of interest.

A Brief Aside

Cubit Start Up AwardYesterday, Cubit was named Start Up of the Day by IdeaBing. We like kudos, but we’d really like you to sign up for a free Cubit account and kick the wheels. Let us what data you’d like to get in seconds from Cubit in the comments below.

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