2 Ways to get Free Sustainable Business Cards

Stack of Business CardsDo you hate that stack of paper business cards that’s on your desk? I do. It makes me feel guilty every time I look at it. It says “Here are all of the people that you haven’t entered into your contacts yet” and “Look at all of this paper that you’re just going to throw away.”

Anthony and I have finally given out all of our printed Cubit business cards, and it was time to find a green and efficient way to exchange contact information. After a little research, I found 2 business card applications that don’t cost a dime that we’re going to use instead of printing paper business cards.

Sustainable Business Card App 1: SnapDat

Sustainable Business Card

SnapDat is a mobile contact sharing app with the traditional look of a paper business card. Simply put, you email an image of a business card to a new contact using the SnapDat app on your iPhone.

SnapDat was easy to download and to set up. It uses your Contact profile information in your iPhone contacts to create the electronic business card. I had to edit my Contact profile to include a more professional photo and Cubit’s business address. Also, I had fun looking at all of the different business card designs that I could choose from.

The only feature that tripped me up was including my Twitter handle on the card. SnapDat’s website clearly indicated that I could include 1 social media link on the card. But I couldn’t figure out where to enter this information. Finally, I found that if I entered http://www.twitter.com/cubitplanning as a new URL in my Contact profile that the Twitter logo would appear on my SnapDat card.

Positives of SnapDat

  • It’s green. No paper cards!
  • It’s free. I didn’t pay a dime.
  • They don’t sell your contact info or your contact’s contact info.
  • Your photo is on the card, so people will get a face to go with your name.
  • It’s efficient. When you email someone your SnapDat card, the email also includes a vCard. With the vCard, your new contact can save your contact information directly into their contacts. No retyping of your contact info is required. So no more guilt or stack of business cards on the desk.


  • Linking to my social media account wasn’t intuitive.
  • It might change the flow of a conversation if I have to ask for a contact’s email address, open SnapDat and type their email address into SnapDat (making sure I spell their email correctly on my iPhone) to send someone my business card instead of just being able to reach into my pocket and exchange cards while keep the conversation going.

Sustainable Business Card App 2: Bump

Sustainable Business Card App: BumpTo address my fear that asking for a contact’s email address might divert a conversion, I decided to give Bump a try as well. Bump is also a free iPhone app that lets you electronically share contact information. It works by exchanging information when you bump your iPhone or Android phone with another person’s phone. That’s right. You literally tap your phone to someone else’s phone, and you’ve just exchanged contact information.

I didn’t have any problems setting up Bump. Just like SnapDat, Bump uses your Contact profile information to create a Contact Card to be exchanged. So the big positive of Bump versus SnapDat is that you don’t have to ask for an email address to provide someone with your contact info. But a major negative of Bump is that your new contact has to: 1. have an iPhone or Android phone and 2. have Bump installed on their phone. While there are definitely some challenges to using these apps, I hope that the efficiency, the novelty, free price tag and the small environmental benefit of these apps versus having VistaPrint ship me printed paper business cards will overshadow any challenges.

Are you using some type of sustainable business card/app? If so, how’s it working for you? Let me know in the comments below.

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