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Rural Poverty

Image of Rural Poverty

Cubit is working on a new report called the Poverty Statistics Report. You can get cut-and-paste ready data, statistics, charts, and graphs for your projects in seconds.

The poverty statistics come from 13 different data sources, like the American Community Survey, US Census 2000, SNAP (food stamp) programs, Medicaid and National Center for Education Statistics.

As a test case, I pulled all of this data for the City of San Antonio, Bexar County and Texas. I knew exactly what data I was looking for, and it still took me hours to find, compile, calculate and produce graphs. But if I was trying to determine poverty trends in an area, this is the report that I would want to have. Check out the sample Poverty Statistics report.

If you think the Poverty Statistics Report would be a useful tool for your work and you'd like to have this data in seconds, include your email address here. I’ll send you an email when the report is ready for beta testing.

Quick Question for You
What do you think about the Poverty Statistics Report? What data do you use when you’re examining poverty trends for an area?

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