Reuters Article: Startup tackles environmental planning nightmares

Kristen's Photo from

Kristen's Photo from Reuters

Jon Cook of Reuters featured Cubit and Kristen in his article “Startup tackles environmental planning nightmares.”  The article also includes an Entrepreneur Journal which describes a week in Kristen's life and a video interview.

The article does an amazing job to telling the story of how Cubit got started.  It also hits the nail on the head describing Anthony as a “software whiz.”

However, Cubit operates in a niche market. Sometimes, the details of our niche market get a little fuzzy to people on the outside.  So there are a few details that we wanted to clarify from the article.

Detail 1.  “Carney said her software allows planners, like herself, to simply draw a line on a map and immediately access all the pertinent environmental impact data…”  Cubit doesn't provide ALL pertinent environmental data today.  We're working on it, but today, Cubit provides socio-economic, housing, regional economic and biological data.

Detail 2. “get [Cubit] in front of the environmental engineers, policy makers and college students that comprise her target audience.”  College students aren't a part of Cubit's target audience.  Our customers are environmental engineering firms, government agencies and planning firms.

Detail 3. “The short term is very negative for our outlook.”  Hmmm…the short term is POSITIVE for Cubit.  In 2008, there were 66,000 National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) reports commissioned, and the Obama Administration has pledged $1.5 billion in grants for new federal infrastructure projects.  Cubit's goal is to get to “Ramen-profitability” in the current economic situation.

All in all, it was a great article. We saw a 700% increase in web traffic the day the article appeared on Reuters. So a big thank you to Jon and Reuters!

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