Socio-Ec Reports now include Shapefiles

Your Socio-Ec Reports now include corresponding shapefiles of intersecting Census geographies. Today, your GIS Guru can drop this shapefile into her mapping system for your project—-producing a custom map in less time.

Want to try shapefiles for free?  For November 18, 2009 only, contact Anthony by email or phone at 512-563-8477, and he’ll send you a free shapefile for your project.

Shapefile for Socio-Ec Reports

Example Shapefile




The Socio-Ec Report’s intro price of $199 expires on December 31st. In January, the price will be $249. If you’ve included Socio-Ec Reports as part of your bid for a project at $199 and need an extension of the intro price, Anthony can help you out.

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3 Responses to Socio-Ec Reports now include Shapefiles

  1. Anita December 18, 2009 at 4:24 pm #

    I am interested in acquiring shapefiles which provide an indication of the types of housing/economic development occurring in “environmental” or undeveloped areas. What shapefiles would you recommend? Most notably I am interested in looking at the phenomenon of urban sprawl.

    Great thanks,


  2. kcarney January 5, 2010 at 3:32 pm #

    So you’re interested in shapefiles indicating what types of development has occurred in previously undeveloped areas?

    Here’s what I would do.
    1. Find historic aerials and current aerials of my area of interest (ie. the City of Austin).
    2. By comparing the two aerials, you can find regions that were undeveloped on the historic aerials and are developed or developing on the current aerials (i.e. south west Austin).
    3. Then you could draw these regions using the Cubit application to get 2000 Census Housing data.

    I’d also check with the appraisal district and the metropolitan planning organization in your area of interest to see if either agency has development specific shapefiles. Cubit’s shapefiles are of Census geographies only.

    Let me know if you need any other information.


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