Hand to Mouth: EPA Releases Guide to Child Environmental Exposures

On October 27, the EPA released the final report “Highlights of the Child-Specific Exposure Factors Handbook,” an accessible introduction to the Child-Specific Exposure Factors Handbook (CSEFH), which provides risk assessors a user-friendly reference guide to “behavioral and physiological characteristics needed to estimate childhood exposure to toxic contaminants and other environmental stressors”.

The Highlights Handbook presents background data and studies, explains the different lifestages of children, lists the fundamental principles of exposure assessment and cumulative exposure, and provides references for all these components.

These tools are becoming increasingly handy to planners and evaluators of environmental effects as they are taking on the role of health risk assessors.  In the actual CSEFH, there are specific chapters that are most likely pertinent to planners.  These would the chapters devoted to non-dietary exposures:

Here is an example of some of the data available:

Picture 2

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