A Cubit by any other name…

A rose by any other name...

"A rose by any other name..."

We are going to drop the word “Planning” from our name. It’s too confusing. Cubit doesn’t do planning work; we provide environmental data to planners and engineers. So we’ll go by Cubit from now on. Our website will still be www.cubitplanning.com. Someone else beat us to the punch and claimed cubit.com.

So what is a cubit?
A cubit is an ancient unit of measure. It is the length from your elbow to the tip of your middle finger. A cubit is a relative unit of measure, an estimation that differs from person to person. And that’s how I see Cubit’s data reports–they are relative estimations about environmental conditions that differ for each geography.

15 Seconds of Fame for the Cubit
Check out Bill Cosby’s classic Noah routine where God and Noah discuss the cubit. Right!

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