Firefox Bug when Pasting into Microsoft Word

Currently, the lines around the tables in Cubit Reports are show up as blue, dashed lines instead of black, solid lines when you paste into Word.  This is a bug, and it occurs when using the Firefox browser.  I apologize for the additional time that you have to spend in Word because of this bug.  Anthony is working to solve this problem.  Until he implements a fix, below is a temporary work around.

Temporary Work Around

If you copy Cubit data directly from the website…


…and then paste the data into Word, the tables have a blue, dashed line instead of a black, solid line.  To fix this, select the entire table; right click; and then click on Borders and Shading.


Under the Borders tab, click on All.  And the click Ok.


Now your table will have black, solid  lines instead of blue, dashed lines.


If you purchase a report, you have the functionality to download as a Word document, so you won’t need the above work around.

Again, I apologize for this bug.  Cubit’s tools should save you time, not require you to wrangle with Word formatting.  If you need help or if you have any concerns, let me know here.

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