Interactive Maps Are Live

New Mapping Tools

Interactive Maps are now available to help you pull data for your NEPA document FASTER!  Draw a line on a map, and get cut-and-paste ready data about your project area.  Check out Interactive Maps here.

With Interactive Maps, Cubit users also get a Preview Map with their Socio-Ec Report.  The Preview Map labels the Census geographies in your project area. Currently, this map serves as supporting documentation for your project record.  In the future, we hope to provide a print quality map with our reports.  Would a print quality map of Census geographies in your project area be helpful for you?   Let me know.

Sample Preview Map

Sample Preview Map

Your Saved Projects

Report TabWhat if you already selected your geographies and built a report using the old Cubit Planning system?  All of your data is still available.  If you want to see your purchased reports, click on the Reports tab on the Projects page.

If you want to see your selected geographies, click on the Preview Your Report tab and scroll down.  You won’t have a map for old reports until you draw your project on the new Interactive Map.

Socio-Ec Report Improvements

In addition to Interactive Maps and Preview Maps, there were a few more changes to our products. The free LEP Baseline Report is now a section  of the Socio-Ec Report.  Instead of having two demographic reports to manage, it made more sense to combine these reports into one document.  The LEP Baseline Report is still free–just scroll down to the bottom of the preview Socio-Ec Report to get your free LEP data, tables and text.

Also, we are still working on converting the EJ Estimator to work with our new system.  We hope to have this tool up and running in the near future.  Let me know if you need an EJ Estimate.

Website Revisions

We heard from our users that our website felt “too corporate” — ouch!  Anthony took a few hours and did a quick redesign.  HomepageOn the homepage, he replaced our stock model with a picture of me (Kristen).  He added the Kristen’s Nightmare Project page to tell the story of how Cubit Planning got started.  And Anthony retooled the description of our products page.

So the website is now tells the story of Cubit Planning.  It’s a little different approach, but we think it looks and feels more like us.

If you have any suggestions or complaints, please let me know what you think.

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