ICI Deficiencies Result in Lawsuit Blocking Pipeline

Environmental and Native American groups filed a lawsuit blocking a major pipeline project today.  Just like in the lawsuit halting the Maury Island pier project, the compliant points to deficiencies in the indirect and cumulative sections.

Alberta Clipper EIS

The blocked pipeline would carry oil sands crude for close to 1,000 miles from Alberta, Canada to Wisconsin, USA.  The Sierra Club, the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy, the Indigenous Environmental Network, and the National Wildlife Federation are co-plaintiffs in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit lists four central deficiencies in the environmental impact statement that was prepared for this project:

  1. failed to assess impacts of connected/cumulative actions,
  2. failed to assess all reasonably foreseeable impacts including indirect and cumulative effects,
  3. failed to take a hard look at the purpose and need, and
  4. failed to consider a reasonable range of alternatives.

If you are currently working on an environmental document for a pipeline project, it would be helpful to read over the details of the complaint here.

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