3 BLM Categorical Exclusions Are Disallowed


Images from City of Rocklin website

Three categorical exclusions for Bureau of Land Management (BLM) activities have been discontinued under the settlement agreement for Western Watersheds Project vs. Lane.  The following CEs are no longer allowed:

  • 2003 Fuels Reduction CE,
  • 2007 Vegetation Management CE, and
  • 2007 Grazing Permit Issuance CE.

According the BLM’s Instructional Memorandum on this issue, “additional costs will result from implementing this policy” [of discontinuing CEs].

Karen Budd Falen of the Budd-Falen Law Offices in Cheyenne, Wyoming is concerned about the additional cost. Ms. Falen states that “The BLM admits that it is woefully behind completing its NEPA compliance paperwork, even on the smallest of permits and even when the rangeland conditions are in excellent condition.”  Ms. Falen’s concern is that if the NEPA documentation not completed by the end of the livestock grazing term, livestock grazing could be eliminated.

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