Environmental Impact of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Who can forget the 2008 OlympicsIndependent.environmental.assessment.beijing held in Beijing?  They were certainly spectacular by way of human athleticism.  But what was the environmental impact of the games?

An Independent Environmental Assessment at Asiaing.com’s website discusses the environmental impact of the games and includes ideas for other host cities to consider as they plan to host future Olympic games.

Many of the environmental promises made by Olympic planners were met and perhaps even exceeded.  The city of Beijing built new, energy efficient and eco-friendly buildings; 200 factories switched cleaner production methods; and 4,000 buses powered by natural gas were purchased.  Also to improve air quality, the city planted 30 million trees and rose bushes, helping to green the city.

We can only hope that future Olympic games continue to have a positive impact on the environment.

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