Starting a business changes how you…write?

My co-founder once described my writing as having the density of a dictionary but with none of the brevity.  In my defense, my previous job was to write and review technical documents.

But lately, I have been reading Paul Graham, Jason Fried and the master of get-to-the-point, Seth Godin.  Yesterday, I started on a 2,500 word article for the American Planning Association’s Planning magazine.  And I noticed that my writing has lost some of its density and now uses bullet points and questions.

I figured starting a business would change how I eat and sleep.  But I didn’t occur to me that it would change how I write.

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One Response to Starting a business changes how you…write?

  1. Tim Walker August 3, 2009 at 5:45 pm #

    Good for you. Too often we assume that weighty ideas require weighty expression. The better rule of thumb is that *good* ideas deserve *clear* expression.

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